Card Descriptions (Post Codes)

This blog uses a code system in the title of each post. First of all, there will be a number, or a face card. These indicate how much effort and how serious I am taking the post. A two indicates that it is a post I have just thrown up for the hell of it. As the numbers rise, the amount of effort I have put into the post rises. I am using Aces high because Aces are cool.

The second part is a suite, each representing a different type of post.

Hearts are non-fiction text posts, ranging from media criticism to scientific discussions to political view points.

Spades are video posts, at the time of writing mainly video game streams. Hopefully eventually this will include youtube videos as well.

Diamonds are fiction posts, ranging from character and setting ideas to pieces of writing. Also here will be discussions of games I have made, both video games (usually using twine) and any tabletop game work I do.

Clubs are bookkeeping, blog announcements and other organisational based things. If I ever get a patreon that will pop up here as well.

Finally, Jokers are the wild cards. These will tend to be silly, low effort posts, dumb puns, links to music I like, and other things that don’t really fit into the other categories.