2 of Hearts: Drafting the 2018 Recommendation List

As the year of 2018 draws to a close, I propose we all take a moment to step back and think about what we loved in this last year, and which we would like to share. Games, movies, books, stories, blogs; everything is fair game.

My personal list this year is still being decided, but I think so far I have to include Sunless Skies by Failbetter games, which I have had fantastic fun streaming for people, and Spiderman: Enter the Spiderverse, a fantastically animated movie that really has fun with its characters and their dynamic movements, while also having a genuinely good coming of age narrative and is that rare superhero movie that understands we already know Spiderman’s backstory.

I’ve only just started coming up with this list, and to be honest the year has kind of flown by in a blur, but feel free to post your suggestions in the comments, or, if you’ve done something you want to show off this year, feel free to post that as well. Self-promotion is always welcome here (as long as it doesn’t become spam!)

One response

  1. Some things on my list:

    The album from Rob Scallon and Andrew Huang’s Making an Album in a Day. (Andrew Huang put up a stream of the whole album on his channel; be advised that Track 9, “Spoilers for Playdead’s Inside”, has spoilers for Playdead’s “Inside”.) It was made as a stunt, but the result was still kind of terrific.
    On that theme of musical stunts: Apartment Sessions’ cover of Gabriel Kahane’s “Empire Liquor Mart (9127 S. Figueroa St.)”, about the 1991 killing of Latasha Harlins, a black fifteen-year-old in Los Angeles. Silly gimmick (let’s cram 56 musicians into a tiny apartment and perform a complex, intricate piece of music!) but a great performance.
    The programming videogame Opus Magnum, which hit a really sweet spot of “fun progression of puzzles” + “good storytelling, explicit and implicit” + “the ability to share your solutions in a really pretty way” + “optional additional challenges you can choose to pursue”.
    Probably Night in the Woods? I have kind of anxietyed myself after my first session (which was terrific), so I can’t promise it’ll stay there once I succeed in going back to it, but I love the writing style and I loved Lost Constellation, so.
    Roguelight is another videogame, and a really good proof that you can have high-contrast graphics and still sell a strong sense of a small circles of bright light fading to dimness and black. But also a nifty resource-management action platformer, where your the arrows for your bow are one of your few sources of light but also your only weapon.


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